Welcome to NRGTree

Our Mission

NRGTree is a team of renewable energy financial analysts who collaborate with commercial and industrial property owners to develop their personal revenue-generating renewable energy portfolio.


Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) set renewable energy targets for states to be reached by a certain date. For example, the RPS requirement in Massachusetts is to reach 35% by 2030. Combine this with rising utility electricity rates and the solution is easy – create your own revenue generating Renewable-Energy Portfolio.

As more property owners are catching on it is crucial to move forward quickly before demand outstrips the incentives. For example: with solar, individual state incentive programs are filling up quicker than any time in history. On the federal side there is a lucrative 26% federal tax credit, which is set to drop to 22% in 2021. Financial investors want to be involved now while these are available at a profitable level.

Current Market:

Solar is one such solution and the solar market is currently booming!

Solar energy is rapidly increasing in popularity, particularity as an additional source of low maintenance revenue. In response to the business opportunity at hand, project engineering and pricing are becoming more competitive, as the number of solar installers and developers is drastically increasing throughout the US.

To ensure best practices are maintained at all levels, financial and project execution, we remove the confusion and time consuming task of becoming an expert at renewable energy project review. We bring stability and assurances to your project by defining tier 1 time tested technologies. Now, whether you are local or national, all quotes are predicated on a common design driven by a desired common financial goal as the target.